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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  July 7, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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thanks for watching us at 5:00. the cbs evening news is next. >> pelley: death in the sky. an f-16 slams into a private plane. we'll have the latest. also tonight, the doctor specialized in fraud. he turned hundreds of patients into victims with cancer treatments they did not need. >> i cannot believe any doctor would betray so many people. >> pelley: it's a dangerous sport... for fans. new calls for nascar to do more to protect spectators. and a brand-new beatles record a record for longevity. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: this is our western edition. the government says a man who took an oath to do no harm instead turned more than 500 of his patients into victims in a shocking case of medical fraud. today in detroit, the doctor listened as some of these patients and their families told in court how he ruined their lives with unnecessary cancer treatments. here's dean reynolds. >> reporter: courtroom sketches could not adequately capture the anguish of the victims today as one by one they confronted the cancer doctor who prescribed aggressive chemotherapy for patients he knew were not ill and for those who were, ordering treatments that were excessive while billing medicare $34 million. in court, dr. farid fata showed no emotion for a man who prosecutors said would bully and browbeat patients who dared to question his treatment. fata has already pleaded guilty to fraud and other charges. a memo from prosecutors
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demanding a life sentence said fata would tell his patients they risked death without him, telling one, "your life or your money." from laura stedtefeld, whose father died in fata's care, "you poisoned, murdered and tortured my dad." from maggie dorsey, "even though i am not dead, i am a shadow ofot d my former self." it went on for four hours in federal court in detroit, and it involved only a handful of the victims prosecutors identified people who were physically emotionally and financially devastated. expert witnesses took the stand to describe the overuse ofe st chemotherapy. one drug, rituximab, is typically given eight times for aggressive lymphoma, but dr. fata prescribed it to one patient 94 times. monica flagg, who was falsely told by fata she had multiple myeloma, was too distraught to speak in court. treatments fata prescribed left her continually exhausted and in pain. what do you think of him?
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>> what do i think of him? i'm very angry. i cannot believe any doctor would betray so many people. and he did. >> reporter: you saw him in court. >> i did. i cried when i first saw him walk in the door. >> reporter: did you see man who was contrite? >> he showed no emotion. he didn't care. >> reporter: how did that make you feel? >> oh, oh, i was very angry. very angry. >> reporter: a good question is how he got away with this. scott, the answer is that dr. fata was a well-respected physician backed up by other well-respected physicians at a prominent local hospital. but it was a doctor who worked
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for him who ultimately blew the whistle on his actions. >> pelley: and prosecutors are asking for a 175-year sentence. dean reynolds covering the story in detroit. dean, thank you very much. today an f-16 fighter jet broadsided a cessna in the skies over south carolina. two people were killed on the private plane. the f-16 pilot ejected. omar villafranca is following the investigation. omar? >> reporter: the search continues behind me for the two people in the cessna that collided with that f-16 fighter jet this morning. the crash happened just after 11:00 and sent debris from both planes raining down on to a swampy part of south carolina, 25 miles north of charleston. pictures from the crash scene show one of the jet engines resting near a mobile home. the jet was from nearby shaw air force base and was on a training mission when it broadsided the cessna at between 2,000 and 3,000 feet. the pilot, major aaron johnson
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who has 1,500 hours of flight time and is considered highly experienced was able to eject without any major injuries. the names of the two victims on that cessna have not been released, and, scott, the national transportation safety board is expected to take over the investigation when they get here tomorrow. >> pelley: omar, thank you. tonight, conditions are still too dangerous to recover the body of a hiker who was killed when an ice cave collapsed yesterday in northern washington state. ben tracy is looking at the cause. [screaming]. >> reporter: the ice first began to crumble on sunday. several tourists inside one of the ice caves barely escaped. but when a cave partially collapsed monday, a 34-year-old woman was killed, buried under ice and rock inside. three others were airlifted to a seattle hospital. shari ireton is with the snohomish county sheriff's office. >> it's not illegal to go in the caves, however, we've been saying since mid-may, it's
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extremely dangerous, with all this hot water. it's weakened the caves themselves. >> reporter: they're known as the big four ice caves and are formed by avalanches that cascade down from big four mountain in northern washington state. the giant piles of snow and ice are hallowed out by run-off during the spring and summer. each year 50,000 people flock to this popular hiking trail. sara soleimani shot this video sunday while visiting from california and says temperatures were in the high 80s. >> the ice was melting and the roof was so thin with so many holes in it, and water was running all over. the weather was so hot, so you could tell that something might be happening very soon. late today officials said they recovered the body of the 34-year-old woman trapped inside the cave. ben tracy cbs news, los angeles. >> pelley: late today, subway restaurants dropped its spokesman jared fogle. this just hours after f.b.i. agents raided fogle's indiana
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home apparently in connection with a child pornography investigation. computers and electronics were removed from the home. two months ago the head of a charity founded by fogle was arrested on child porn charges. fogle became subway's pitchman after losing 245 pounds while eating its sandwiches. fogle's lawyer says fogle is cooperating. tonight, women who accused bill cosby of sexual abuse are feeling vindication. in sworn testimony released yesterday, cosby admitted he obtained quaaludes with the intention of giving them to women he wanted to have sex with. here's michelle miller. >> the women and myself were very brave to come out and tell our story. >> reporter: '80s supermodel beverly johnson is among dozens of women who stepped forward over the last year, accusing bill cosby of sexual misconduct. she claims she escaped an assault in the mid-1980s after being drugged in the comedian's apartment.
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>> i think for the women, it validates what they have been saying for a long time, for years. >> reporter: johnson says she spent the night reading through 66 pages of newly released court documents in which cosby admits he purchased drugs to give to women he wanted to have sex with. that testimony came out of a sexual abuse lawsuit brought by temple university employee andrea constand. cosby eventually settled with her, but as more women stepped forward, his lawyers hoped to keep his testimony secret, arguing his right to privacy. but judge eduardo robreno disagreed, saying cosby was a public figure who often lectured the black community on morality, specifically citing a cosby speech in 2004 at an n.a.a.c.p. event. "no longer is a person embarrassed because they're pregnant without a husband," cosby said. given that, the judge said the public should see the "stark contrast between bill cosby the
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public moralist and bill cosby the subject of serious allegations concerning improper and perhaps criminal conduct." now, these documents were released only after the associated press petitioned the court to make them public, and tonight, scott, there is still no comment from bill cosby or any of his legal representatives. >> pelley: michelle miller thank you very much, michelle. it's now 30 weeks until the iowa caucuses where the first votes will be cast on the way to the presidential nominations. democrat hillary clinton is driving through iowa this week but another candidate is coming up fast in her rear-view mirror. here's julianna goldman. >> reporter: it was another full house for senator bernie sanders. >> in case you didn't notice this is a big turnout. >> reporter: last night in portland, maine, he made his populace pitch to 7,500 supporters. >> we are going to send a message to the billionaire
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class, and that message is you can't have it all. >> bernie, bernie! >> reporter: with a promise to fight income inequality and take on wall street, the vermont senator is closing in on democratic front-runner hillary clinton. one recent iowa poll showed sanders doubling his support since may. are you surprised to see these numbers? >> frankly, i am. i think the campaign is moving faster. i mean, i thought we would catch on, but we're catching on faster than i would have thought. >> reporter: it comes without the money or the organization of the clinton machine. in the last fund-raising quarter, sanders raised $15 million from 250,000 people, a strong grassroots showing but pennies compared to clinton's $45 million plus more than $23 million raised by super pacs backing her. do you believe you can viably go up against the clinton juggernaut? >> i do. >> reporter: why? >> the american people are saying enough is enough.
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when that starts galvanizing nothing is going to stop us. >> reporter: today in iowa city, clinton welcomed the challenge. >> this is going to be competitive. it should be competitive. it's only the presidency of the united states we're talking about. >> reporter: clinton's press conference today is part of a new strategy to make her more accessible to the national media and to voters. scott, clinton's advisers say they always expected a primary challenger, but they don't see bernie sanders as a real threat. >> pelley: julianna goldman in the washington newsroom this evening. julianna, thank you. now we have a rare look into the kind of politics that can destroy a civilization. the assad family has ruled syria for 44 years. the last four, bashar al assad has fought a ruthless civil war that has killed more than 300,000 of his own people, 11,000 children. liz palmer has managed to reach the assad's hometown, a place where fealty defies the facts. >> reporter: in rolling hills
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above lake safraqieyh, qardaha salutes its native sons, president bashar al assad and his father hafez, the previous strong man and president. he's now buried above the town in this elaborate tomb. "we glorify him," maysam ahmed tells me, "because he built modern syria." qardaha's loyalty to the assad's is based in their shared allawite religion. hundreds of young men from here volunteered to fight in syria's grinding war. four years in these are the faces of those who won't come back. syrian television occasionally broadcasts emotional coverage of soldiers' funerals. and this choreographed meeting between first lady asma assad and dead men's mothers. but how many have fallen? the government won't say. so we asked the people of qardaha. are there any martyrs in your family?
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"many, many," she says. while next to her, a neighbor grieves silently for four of her brothers. everyone has lost someone in the fight against isis and other extremists. so you might think they'd back the u.s. air strikes on isis headquarters in raqqa, but you'd be wrong. how do you see the heavy american raqqa? "it's not real," mohammad mahmous tells me. "the u.s. finances isis and gives them weapons." in qardaha, it's safer to buy into conspiracies than to admit that their local hero might have led them into a costly war it's not clear they can win. elizabeth palmer, cbs news qardaha. >> pelley: is nascar getting too dangerous for spectators? and their matches are just as thrilling, so why don't the women get paid as much as the men when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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>> pelley: today, nascar driver austin dillon said he was holding on and praying as his car flew through the air in a fiery pile-up at daytona early monday. he walked away, but not some of the fans. here's jim axelrod. >> reporter: just living through this crash would have been hard enough to believe, but nascar driver austin dillon actually walked away from it. >> oh, yeah, checked out a few times, looked at all the pictures and it's pretty amazing. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the catch fence prevented tragedy, but 13 fans suffered minor injuries from flying debris. nascar c.e.o. brian france spoke to sirius radio. >> we are all over that to understand what happened. >> reporter: according to "the charlotte observer," at least 46 spectators have died watching races in the u.s. from 1990 to 2010.
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three in 1999 when a wreck launched a tire into the stands at the charlotte motor speedway. humpy wheeler was then president of that track. >> this scares the daylights of everybody that operates the racetrack. this is something we all are concerned about. because we know that could, if it was bad enough, wipe you out of business. >> reporter: after the crash in charlotte and another in detroit, stronger, thicker cables were installed in the catch fences that were then raised 16 feet higher. wheeler expects similar evolution after yesterday's crash. >> what it didn't keep out of the grand stand was the shrapnel. and that's the thing that i think the industry will attack with a vengeance right now. >> reporter: wheeler says a giant, solid, see-through barrier could be installed at racetracks just like the one scott, at hockey games to keep pucks from flying into the stands.
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>> pelley: soccer's world champs are having a sweet homecoming, but after their big win over japan and record tv ratings, some wonder if the women are getting shortchanged. here's elaine quijano. >> good morning, l.a.! >> reporter: the world champion u.s. women's team was greeted by thousands of cheering fans at today's victory rally in los angeles. star goalie hope solo took a picture of one fan's sign calling for equal pay for the women. recently it was revealed the team will split $2 million for their victory. germany, which won last year's men's world cup, was awarded $35 million. deborah slaner larkin is with the national women's sports foundation. >> we shouldn't keep deciding who is more important: our sons or our daughters, our husbands or our wives, that people should be treated equally. >> reporter: fifa, which runs
5:52 pm
the world cup, says the prizes are based on revenue. this year's figures have not been released, but four years ago the women's world cup brought in almost $73 million. the 2010 men's world cup in south africa made almost $4 billion. those players got $348 million 9% of the total revenue. the women's team got a higher percentage with 13% but the bottom line was still much less, $10 million. >> we need to have some more male allies who will say, this is not acceptable. >> reporter: two women's soccer leagues have already failed in this country, and the current one, the n.w.s.l., averages only about 4,400 spectators a game. when american stars like carli lloyd return to their club teams this weekend, the question is whether women's soccer can build on the momentum of this world cup victory. the women players have tangled with fifa before. a group sued because they had to play on fake turf this year, which men never do, and, scott
5:53 pm
outgoing fifa president sepp blatter once said, "women should wear shorter shorts to raise the popularity of their game." >> pelley: elaine, thanks very much. a star was born 75 years ago today. his story is next. ♪ ♪ when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady
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5:57 pm
>> it's ringo's 75th birthday and he's about 35. ♪ what would you do if i sang out of tune ♪ >> reporter: as the beatles' impish drummer, he provided the back beat for a tectonic shift in popular culture. when we first met him in 1964, he already had the nickname ringo. but he was born richard starkey in liverpool, england, and as a boy, young richie got an infection that put him in a coma. on your seventh birthday. >> yeah. >> reporter: you were actually in the hospital. >> i was. >> reporter: and your mother thought you were going to die. >> i didn't, as you can tell. >> reporter: in 1962, an ambitious liverpool group needed a new drummer. john, paul and george picked ringo and the greatest band in history was complete. >> i may be a little square. i don't know what beatles means. >> it means us. ♪ i want to hold your hand ♪ >> reporter: they took "the ed sullivan show" and america by storm in 1964.
5:58 pm
"i want to hold your hand" would spend seven weeks at the top of the charts. >> it was one of those magic moments. we were number one, and the kids loved us, and we loved the idea of being in america. i had never been to america. >> reporter: that's a hell of a way to arrive. >> it was a hell of a way. ♪ all you need is love ♪ >> reporter: he's been a household name ever since. for his birthday, at the strokee of noon, ringo asked the crowd to shout out his motto. >> peace and love. peace and love, everybody! >> reporter: proving that at 75 all you still need is peace and love. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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traces back to a federal agent. now at 6:00, a new twist in the murder of a woman on pier 14. the gun used traces back to a federal agent. this while the man who confessed to the shooting faces a judge. >> in the wake of that shooting people in san francisco want changes made to the sanctuary city ordinance. >> a mystery on a bay area beach. all kinds of mammals found washed ashore. scientists cane seem to figure out why. good evening. allen martin in for ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. we begin tonight with a shocking new revelation about the murder on pier 14. the suspect somehow got ahold of a federal agent's gun. joe vazquez with a question everyone is asking. how? >> when the suspect made his first court appearance, there
6:00 pm
were some awkward moments. he told the judge not guilty even when being asked something else. the charge against him is murder. but his defense attorneys tell the judge a different story. >> he's got an individual that does not know the victim in this case has no interest or desire in injuring her in any way. >> reporter: the attorneys say the fact lopez sanchez didn't have a motive and some other evidence means the crime was a giant mistake. >> there is no witness or anybody that has alleged that there was some kind of crime going on at the time the shooting occurred. this isn't a store robbery. this isn't any kind of assault on the individual person. so this very well could be a completely accidental discharge of a


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